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About Beleve UK
We are committed to educating, inspiring, empowering, supporting, and guiding , young women in increasing their life chances and career prospects.


If you are a potential participant:

If you are a Female between 10-24, looking for guidance and support; a place to gain new skills and experience; then BelEve UK is just the organisation for you.  We are committed to inspiring and empowering females in defining their destiny and acquiring the right skills and experience to make it happen.  We have a number of engaging programmes, for you to get involved.

If you are a potential funder/sponsor:

We are interested in supporting corporate organisations in meeting their corporate responsibility objectives through our programmes and services. You will obtain increased brand value and a reputation as an employer that is positive about engaging and supporting young women, whilst enhancing your Corporate Responsibility.  Your employees could donate their time as Mentors or support workshops and events.

If you are a potential partner:

BelEve UK are committed to working in partnership with statutory agencies; schools, PRU or YOT, like-minded organisations and Parents.  BelEve UK can assist with engagement and retention of young women, delivery of targeted interventions and learning opportunities.

If you are an organisation working with girls and young women:

We would like to hear from organisations who offer services or products to girls and young women. We are always looking for progression routes for the girls alongside offerings which complement our services.

We are committed to working with other organisation in order to support them in achieving their business aims and objectives.  BelEve UK can add value to your business with our innovative, outcome focused approach, to making a difference.

Our passion is to support and inspire girls and young women to believe they can achieve their full potential.


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