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  • Faith-LynFaith-Lyn
      Faith-Lyn? I am a fun and exciting person, who loves to sing and perform but I am quite shy. I love crafty things such as: art, writing; mostly poems and songs, acting and dancing. What makes you Rock?  I think my confidence makes me rock

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  • SaffronSaffron
    Who is Saffron? I am a hard working student and I am currently in my last year of secondary school. Young Minds and BelEve are two organisations I am an ambassador for, as well being UK Youth Parliament Representative. I have always been passionate

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  • ShivonShivon
    Who is Shivon? Shivon Bailey is a young rising female voice in the UK.  A heartfelt performer, who captivates audiences with her organic sound and intriguing lyrical content. Who inspires you? Shivon is inspired by artists like Lala Hathaway,

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  • Asha CleoAsha Cleo
    Who is Asha Cleo? Asha symbolises independence and individuality. I was always put down and told to hide my individuality at school so now I just embrace it! Who inspires you? I think Amy Winehouse inspires me most because she was who I wanted to be

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  • Tazlima KhanTazlima Khan
    Who is Tazlima? Taslima (TAZ) Khan is a Fashion Designer/stylist/Professional Dancer/Choreographer/Model/Actress and Basket Baller.  I have recently graduated in fashion design with marketing. I believe that we are all capable of achieving all the

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  • Remel LondonRemel London
    Who is Remel London?   Remel London is a radio and TV presenter! I work for Link Up TV as their lead presenter and host my own show on the channel entitled “The Remel London Show.” I host the number 1 live music showcase in London, manage and

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  • AshantaAshanta
    Who is Ashanta? I am a Woman of God who receives all strength and inspiration from Him. I use personal experiences as well as things that I have learnt in order to inspire and pre warn others of dangers, things to avoid as well as beneficial things

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  • Taylor Dior RumbleTaylor Dior Rumble
    Who is Taylor “My name is Taylor-Dior Rumble, I am 16 years old and I study Media, English, Psychology & Drama in Sixth Form College whilst managing my own business as a part-time fashion blogger on my blog: TDRheartsNY” What makes

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