About Beleve UK
“Supporting girls and young women define the true you and follow your Dreams!”
“Inspiring Change, Empowering Growth & Educate”
“BE DIFFERENT, SEE DIFFERENT, and who knows, after coming to BelEve, you too can LEAVE DIFFERENTLY”
“One Small step changes everything, it’s the Butterfly effect”

BelEve UK seeks to support each Girl and Young women in gaining the following life skills and capabilities to support them in bridging the gap between their aspirations and reality, whilst transitioning into confident employable women.

BelEve UK provides young people centred, dynamic, engaging and interactive training and education. Our programmes are suitable for Primary and Secondary School pupils and all programmes develop the following capabilities:

  • Confidence & Aspiration (Self-Love, Self-esteem with Purpose)
  • Managing feelings (Self-awareness and self belief)
  • Communication (Expressing, presenting and delivering)
  • Resilience & Determination (A sense of purpose, Self Discipline and Managing Feelings)
  • Relationships & Leadership (Positive Friendships , manage conflicts )
  • Planning and Problem Solving (Forward Thinking, setting and achieving goals)

All participants will be supported to take up further opportunities upon completion of their programmes. We are committed to working in partnership with other providers and agencies to fulfil our mission.

The BelEve UK Pledge


I must remember I am an individual and my uniqueness is what makes me beautiful.


I must love myself at all times.


I must be confident and proud in all I do.


I must remember that the goal is growth, not perfection


I must respect myself and know my worth.

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