The BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me)

The BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me)

Real beauty isn’t about symmetry or weight or make-up;
It’s about looking life right in the face and seeing  all its magnificence reflected in  your own. – Valarie Monroe
  • The BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me)
  • The BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me)
  • The BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me)
  • The BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me)
  • The BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me)
  • The BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me)
  • The BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me)

BEAM stands for Beautiful Empowerment and Me; It’s an interactive, fun, extra-curricular programme for girls aged 10-14.  The programme is underpinned by well-being and designed to bring girls together to discuss and explore issues affecting them and their peers ie body image, peer pressure, unhealthy relationships…

BEAM inspires change; The girls gain skills and opportunities that build self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, develop a voice and leadership skills through Peer Mentoring.  We encourage participants to develop their own campaigns which contribute to the changes they want to see in the community.

Our fully trained Ambassadors act as positive role models and trusted friends to their peers, providing guidance, wisdom, and insights while supporting the girls to become Beautifully, Empowered and loving the ‘Me’ they see.

  • Let’s face it, as a parent you want the best for your daughter and are committed to giving them a head start in life.

    Extra curriculum activities are essential in building soft skills, which will compliment your daughter’s academic strengths and build her character which will assist her in achieving her aspirations.  Discover how the BEAM Programme will support your daughter in reaching her full potential by gaining new skills and experiences, with other girls and Young Women.

  • This Girl’s only programme can be delivered in schools for up to 20 girls aged 10-14 in each cohort.  BEAM has been designed to give Girls an opportunity to gain skills and capabilities, be challenged by new experiences and achieve a sense of pride in accomplishment, whilst learning to make informed decisions which, will lead to them reaching their full potential.

    The aims of BEAM are to develop future leaders who have confidence, self-esteem and are able to lead  healthy and sustainable lifestyles. BEAM will expose each cohort to a number of diverse activities through peer mentoring, personal development and creative workshops on a weekly basis.

    The programme also provides opportunities to volunteer in the community, whilst developing or enhancing a number of capabilities, namely; communication skills, confidence, resilience, how to build a healthy relationship and self- awareness alongside addressing healthy eating, mental health and well-being and physical activities.  The girls get the opportunities to lead on activities with support from the facilitators in order to aid her development and leadership skills.  Mentoring can also be provided.

    Every girl who attends this programme will gain the following capabilities:

    • Communications
    • Confidence and aspirations
    • Relationship and leadership
    • Resilience & determination
    • Planning and problem solving

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